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Meetings every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:00 PM

We are living in an unprecedented time in History - starting August 15, 2015, you can join us in local meetings in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  Meetings will also be aired by Live Stream!

We invite you to join us for local prophetic meetings if you are in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area, or join us by Live Stream to see our live meetings and webcasts.  Also on our site you will find a variety of video/audio teaching and recordings, we pray they bless you!

God has placed it deep within our hearts to minister to the body of Christ and see it healed and whole, and to become the Glorious Church that Jesus has called us to be.  Now is the time!  Today is the day!  It is our heart to bring restoration to broken lives and see people built up, instructed in the Word of Truth, and equipped with Spiritual Gifts, and back on the path to serving God with their lives.

Now, more than ever before, we are working feverishly with the people of God to see them prepared and ready for the return of Jesus!  It is imminent.  Jesus said, “Be ye ready, for you know not at what hour the Son of Man returns.”  It is time for the church to separate themselves from worldly  distractions and cooperate with the Holy Spirit to get ready.  That means coming out of known sin, seeking the Lord in prayer and repentance, and reading the Word of God daily.


We are available for Prophetic Counseling appointments by phone, and spend a lot of time helping people overcome the difficulties and sorrows of their lives to return to the Lord and get back on the right track with Him.  If we can help you in this way, please let us know.  We do not charge a set fee for Prophetic Counseling, but we ask that you consider making a donation to help with our ministry expenses.  We spend many hours on the phone with people from all over the world to prophesy and pray with them, which is a valuable ministry considering many people cannot even reach their local pastors for help.  So if we spend hours counseling you and get you closer to Jesus, please consider making a donation.  Bless you!

Prophetic Ministries is available to travel to your church and hold services in your local area.  It is a joy to see people revived and healed and passionate for the presence of the Lord!  Please contact us to or click here if you would like to discuss hosting us in your church.

We invite you to join us for local prophetic gatherings, live streamed meetings, and enjoy the various audio and video teachings on our site.  We are located in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and serve the area through Prophetic Ministry meetings.  Preaching and Teaching of the Word of God, Deliverance and Healing, Equipping and Instruction, and flowing in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit.  We are also available to visit your church, conference, and also travel internationally.

There is  nothing more important to us than seeing you ready, and your loved ones ready to meet the Lord!  God bless you!

Joe and Gayle Smith
Prophetic Ministries
Tulsa, Oklahoma


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